Who can qualify and apply for SSDI benefits?

There are two separate areas of qualification that a person must meet to be considered for Social Security Disability benefits. The first relates to your work history and the amount of Social Security employment credits you have earned and when those credits were earned. The second set of qualifications relate to your medical condition and inability to work.

Income History and Work Credits Requirement

The years of work just prior to your disability are the most critical in determining your social security disability benefits eligibility. The Social Security Administration assigns each employed or self-employed worker credits for the amount of social security income earned each year. The dollar amount associated with each credit is adjusted each year and four credits is the maximum amount that can be earned in one year.

The amount of credits required to be awarded SSDI benefits can vary, depending on your age when you become disabled. Generally, a total of 40 credits are required, with an additional requirement that at least 20 of those credits be earned in the 10-year period leading up to your disability. The work credit guidelines may be different for younger individuals who haven’t had a lifespan long enough to earn the 40 credits.

Disabling Medical Condition Requirements

The determination of medical disability takes several factors into account.

  • Are you currently working?
  • If you are working, how much income do you earn per month?
  • Does your medical condition interfere with general work activities?
  • Is your condition on the Social Security List of Impairments?
  • If your condition is not on this list, is it equal in severity to a condition on the list?
  • Does your condition prevent you from performing your past work?
  • Are there any forms of work you can do?

The answers to each of these questions can affect your ability to qualify as disabled, for the purpose of Social Security Disability benefits.

SSDI Eligibility Evaluation

If you are uncertain if you will fit the work credits requirements or the medical condition requirements, contact our disability lawyers with your questions. Southeast Disability Advocates has helped thousands of clients through the SSDI application process. Give us a call.