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Experienced Advocates. That is who you want on your side whenever you hire a professional. Just as you don’t want a general surgeon performing surgery on your brain, you don’t want just any lawyer representing you in a social security disability benefits claim. You want an attorney who works exclusively with SSDI and SSI claims and appeals. You want the experienced professionals with Southeast Disability Advocates to represent you in this important matter.

Comprehensive Services: From Application Filing to Appeals

Unlike other SSD attorneys, Southeast Disability Advocates will help you with even the smallest details, starting with the completion and filing of your application. We know the process can seem confusing and stressful for new applicants and for those filing an appeal after a denial. Our office staff can alleviate that stress by acting as your personal representative in communications with the Social Security Administration and the entities who need documentation for your claim.


Thank you so much with helping me with my disability case. My life is already seeing positive outcomes as I’m able to rejoin society instead of hiding from it.”

– Andrew M.

When we realized that delays were occurring for our clients’ hearings due to limited availability of secure remote video hearing rooms, we took matters into our own hands. We now have two secure, encrypted video hearing facilities located in our Destin office. This has helped reduce hearing wait times and provided an added convenience to our clients.

Experienced Attorneys

Southeast Disability Advocates’ attorneys have over two decades of experience in this area – Social Security Disability Claims and Appeals. Our attorneys and seasoned staff members have dealt with almost every type of disability benefits case. We know what it takes to win a qualified case, even under difficult circumstances.

SSDI, Disabled Widow and SSI Benefits Claims and Disability Appeals

You won’t find a more knowledgeable and helpful staff than we have at Southeast Disability Advocates. We call ourselves “advocates” because that accurately defines our mission. We are more than a law firm; we are here to help the disabled through every step of the process. We work with individuals filing claims or appeals in every area of social security disability.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Disabled Widow
  • Social Security Income for the Disabled

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Whichever area your Social Security Disability Benefits claim fits, we have the experience and staff to help you. Don’t settle for less experience when you hire a representative for your social security disability benefits case. Your future depends on how your case is handled. Trust it to the best. Contact us for a free consultation today.