Common Questions

Our attorneys work with individuals who are struggling with the processes and rules involved in applying for or appealing Social Security Disability benefits. We take a common-sense approach, using simple language that ensures our clients understand every step of the process.

The following FAQs address some of the most common questions surrounding SSD & SSI benefits. Should you need more detailed answers related to your individual circumstances, please contact our offices for a free, no obligation consultation. We are more than happy to help you with advice and representation.

Will my Social Security Disability case be successful?

The success of your disability case will depend on your circumstances and the strength of evidence you provide. Even if you meet all the qualifications for a particular benefit, your case will only succeed if you are able to provide supporting documents, information, and relevant arguments.

I have filed a Request for Reconsideration. What now?

Waiting times for a Request for Reconsideration are fluid, but generally your Request for Reconsideration will take less than 6 months. When the Social Security Administration is experiencing a backlog, waiting times can extend to as long as 12 months. If you are a veteran, you can request expedition which can reduce the waiting time from application to hearing to around eight months.

What does Southeast Disability Advocates representation cost?

There are no out of pocket fees or costs. When we do win your case, SSA will pay the attorney fees from your past due or accrued benefits. If we don’t win, there are no fees or costs. SSA will only pay 25% of any benefits owed to you as back pay once we have won your case. You will only be responsible for out of pocket expenses if we win you case. There are no other payments taken from future benefits and no out of pocket expenses during our time as your representative, unless we win your case.

I am still receiving Workers’ Compensation. Should I apply for SSD?

Absolutely, it is a good idea to apply for SSD sooner rather than later. Processing backlogs can significantly impact the time it takes for you to receive the benefits to which you are entitled. It is also important to understand that you can only claim SSD benefits up to five years after you leave work.

Can I apply for SSD benefits if I have a chemical dependency as well as a physical disability?

This is a tricky area, so we advise that you seek consultation. Southeast Disability Advocates can advise you on how you may overcome any barriers that your chemical dependency may present when making an SSDI claim.

Is there help available for people who are waiting for a benefit decision?

Yes, there is more help available than most people realize. At Southeast Disability Advocates we provide our clients with a broad range of resources for low cost treatment, as well as contact details for relevant charitable organizations.

I have multiple conditions that cause disability in combination. Do I qualify for SSDI?

Even if you do not have a single qualifying disability, you may still qualify for SSD benefits due to the fact that you cannot work. The Social Security Administration must consider how your combination of impairments that affect your ability to maintain full-time employment. The SSA must take all your circumstances into consideration when making their decision.

For more specific answers to your questions, please contact our office. Our attorneys are here to help.