Serving All Of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Hawaii

Our name is SOUTHEAST Disability Advocates. The “Southeast” refers to the region of the U.S. that we serve. Most of our clients live in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama. Our localized service area allows us to keep our services personalized for each individual who requests our services. At the same time, covering the southeast states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama makes our services available to a broader range of individuals who need help with their SSDI or SSI claims and appeals.

Your SSD Attorneys in Destin

Our main office is located in Destin, Florida, right on the Emerald Coast Parkway. In addition to our staff offices, our location also houses three secure, remote hearing rooms to facilitate quick and easy access for our clients when scheduling their SSDI appeal hearings with their appointed judge. You can call our Destin, Florida office at 800-804-3637 to request information or assistance with your disability application or appeal.

SSD Attorneys Near Pensacola

Our office has served many social security disability claimants in Pensacola, Florida. Our SSI and SSDI lawyers and experienced staff take the stress out of the application and appeals process for disabled residents of Pensacola and the surrounding area. In the Pensacola area, call us at 800-804-3637 for help with your SSDI claims and appeals.

Social Security Disability Claims and Appeals Attorneys near Panama City

If you live in the Panama City, Florida area and are unable to work because of mental or physical disabilities, please call our office at 800-804-3637. We are one of the few Florida social security disability law firms that will submit your application for you at no cost. We call ourselves “advocates” because that is our mission, to be your voice and your support at your time of need.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Near Montgomery, Alabama

When disabled individuals from Alabama began requesting our services, we couldn’t turn them down. Many of our Alabama SSD clients are referred to us by friends and family who appreciated the results they received when we handled their SSD appeals. If you would like to learn more about how Southeast Disability Advocates differs from other Montgomery, Alabama disability lawyers, call us at 800-804-3637 for a free consultation.

Your SSD Attorney Near Birmingham, Alabama

Has your SSDI or SSI application been denied? Don’t let that discourage you. A higher percentage of claims are approved in the appeals process than in the initial application phase. We have helped many Birmingham, Alabama clients gain approval by acting as their legal representative during their SSD appeal hearing. No matter where you are in the claims process, give Southeast Disability Advocates a call at 800-804-3637. We can help.