Common Social Security Disability Application Pitfalls

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict guidelines regarding disability benefits approval. It begins with a rather complicated application process. The approval rate varies between states, but the national average hovers around 32% of applicants being approved for benefits at the initial application.

This means that 64% of initial applicants are denied. At Southeast Disability Advocates, we help many applicants gain approval for disability benefits, and we see many mistakes made through the disability application process. Here are the most common.

Inaccurate or Incomplete Information

One of the most common mistakes is failing to complete the application form in detail. No answers can be left blank. You must give detailed information and fully describe how your medical condition has impacted your life. You must accurately describe how your daily activities have changed because of your illness. For example, if you were formerly able to play baseball with your kids, but now you cannot walk without the assistance of a mobility device, that should be indicated in detail.

Incomplete Documentation

Medical evidence that verifies your disabling condition is essential to prove your case. You must include all medical records, physician notes, test results, therapy plans, treatment results, surgical notes, prescription medication notes including any side-effects, and doctor’s observations about how your condition has progressed. Accurate medical evidence is the primary necessity for proving both the severity of your condition and how it has negatively impacted your daily life.

Failure to Monitor Your Social Security Disability Application Status

Whenever you file a SSD claim, you should check the status of your application on a regular basis. Just how often depends on the level of your claim. The different levels (initial claim, reconsideration appeal, disability hearing) will operate on varying timeframes, and therefore each will require a different level of scrutiny. Sometimes paperwork becomes lost or cases are denied unexpectedly. You could miss an important deadline if you neglect to check the status of your case.

Not Having Adequate Support

Those applicants who are represented by an attorney or advocate are much more likely to be awarded the disability benefits they deserve. Professionals who understand the application and appeals process can help ensure you have everything in order for your claim.

Social Security Disability Benefits Eligibility Evaluation

If you are uncertain about any aspect of the Social Security Disability application or appeals process, contact our attorneys with your questions. Southeast Disability Advocates has helped thousands of clients through the Social Security Disability Benefits application process. Give us a call today.