The Social Security Disability Application Process

When should you apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

You should begin the application process for social security benefits as soon as you become disabled. You are not eligible to start receiving disability payments during the first six months of your disability, but it is important to begin the process as soon as possible. There can be multiple stages involved in reaching a final decision on an application. The sooner you file your initial application, the sooner you will receive a response and are able to proceed through the additional appeal stages that are often required to win a claim.

Where and how do I apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration offers several options for completing the application for Social Security Disability. You can complete the application online, over the phone, or in person at a Social Security office near you. You will need to gather the required information prior to submitting the application by phone, in person, or for filling out the application online. You don’t need to take on this task alone. Southeast Disability Advocates is one of the few SSD law firms that will file your initial SSD or SSI application. We can answer questions regarding the information needed and guide you in submitting the best possible application. We consider it a privilege to assist those who are struggling to pay their bills due to disability. There is absolutely no cost or obligation associated unless we win your case.

What kinds of information will be requested for a Social Security Disability application?

There are several questions asked on your application related to your disability and work history. Some of the information requested will include:

  • A list of all medical conditions which may be limiting your ability to work
  • Whether you are working or not. If you are not working, the date you stopped working
  • Your current height and weight
  • A list of all the medical providers who have delivered services related to the conditions listed on your application
  • A list of all prescription medications that you take and the doctor who prescribed each medication
  • All the medical testing you have had or are planning to have, along with the referring physician
  • A list of the last five jobs worked in the 15 years leading up to your disability
  • Each job listed will need to include the type of business, dates worked, hours per day, days per week, and rate of pay

What are the chances of my application being approved?

We always tell our clients not to be surprised or discouraged if their initial application is denied. We have learned through our experience that an initial denial is typical for about 70% of the applications filed. This initial denial should not be taken as an indication of your chances of being approved in later stages of the process. To stop your pursuit of benefits after an initial denial can be a costly mistake. Over half of the denials that are appealed result in a reversal of the denial and award of benefits to the applicant.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Representation

Our attorneys will continue to support you and represent you throughout the social security disability appeal process. There will be absolutely no cost for our services unless you win an award of social security disability benefits. We have helped many disabled individuals receive the financial support they needed from the Social Security Administration. Call us for help with your application or appeal.