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Why You Should Hire An SSD Attorney

Once you begin to understand the complexities of SSD & SSI claims, it will soon be clear that you have a lot of work ahead of you. There are so many factors involved in a successful benefit claim, many feel overwhelmed. When a claim is denied, you will have another round of battle on your hands.

Hiring an SSD attorney will help you build your case in a way that is more likely to convince the Social Security Administration that you have a genuine need. Below are some of the most compelling reasons for hiring an SSD attorney.

SSD Denials

The sad fact is, approximately 70% of all SSD claims are denied on the initial application. Over 50% of SSD claims have been denied in previous decades due to poor quality of evidence or a technicality. Having an SSD attorney in your corner will greatly increase your chances of a successful claim in these cases.

SSD Attorney Experience

A qualified and experienced SSD benefits attorney will know how to help you with either the application or appeals process. The further on in the appeals process you are, the more complex the arguments and weight of evidence becomes. Judges typically deal in strictly legal terms, so having an SSD attorney to frame your supporting evidence from a legal perspective is incredibly beneficial.

Proven Results

Hiring an experienced SSD attorney has been proven to produce results. Not only is the chance of winning greatly increased, a social security disability lawyer can also work to expedite the application or appeals process. These results are not achieved by chance. For instance, the SSD attorneys from Southeast Disability Advocates take an educational-based approach to comprehensively present cases for disability benefits.

Professional & Ethical Service

SSD attorneys are bound by a code of ethics outlined by the Supreme Court of their respective states. That aside, the team at Southeast Disability Advocates have earned the trust of their many clients over the 20+ years we have been serving in the industry. We share a personal code of ethics that always puts our client’s needs first.

Free Consultation from Southeast Disability Advocates

We cannot speak for every SSD attorney firm, but at Southeast Disability Advocates, we believe you have the right to try before you buy. That means we provide a free consultation which will give you the opportunity to explain the circumstances of your case and ask any questions you may have.