Who Qualifies For Supplemental Security Income Benefits?

Too often, we hear of individuals who have never applied for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits available to them because they didn’t think they qualified. There are several different circumstances which may qualify you to receive SSI benefits. There is no cost to apply. Southeast Disability Advocates would be happy to represent you and assist you in the application process. If you fit any of these descriptions, you may qualify for SSI.

Disabled Individuals Meeting Low Income Guidelines

There are two qualifiers for SSI recipients. You must be a disabled individual who also meets specific low-income guidelines. It is therefore important to understand whether your circumstances fit the criteria for qualification. If you are disabled and have limited access to income or resources, and are a U.S. citizen or national, you may meet the resource qualifications and may be entitled to SSI.

Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits for The Blind

Visual acuity measurements are used to determine if an individual qualifies for SSI under blindness. If your vision in your best eye has been measured at or below 20/200 and cannot be treated to improve your vision, you qualify as blind under SSI. Similarly, if you have a condition or injury resulting in a visual field of 20 degrees or less which is not likely to improve within the next 12 months, you are considered blind.

Over 65 Years of Age

If you have reached the age of 65 and find that you are no longer able to secure the income or resources that you need to live, you have the right to apply for SSI. Limited income can include money received from work, other benefits including social security benefits, workers compensation, pensions or any other money you receive to help you support yourself. If you receive help from charities, such as food kitchens, these resources are also taken into consideration as limited resources.

Foster Children Who Have Turned 18

Although the qualifying rules for SSI are considered strict, many individuals are rightfully entitled to help. Foster children who have turned 18 are considered vulnerable – especially when the individual is disabled. If you are the foster parent of a disabled individual, it is essential that you make an application for SSI 90 days before the foster child’s 18th birthday.

Social Security Disability Benefits For Children with Disabilities

There is no minimum age set for children who qualify for SSI. If you have a child who qualifies as disabled or blind, that child is assessed under the SSI conditions for children. Once the child has reached the age of 18, the parents, legal guardian, or the child can apply for SSI as an adult so long as they still meet the qualifications for the benefit.

We Can Help

Supplemental Security Income benefits are there to help the people who need them the most. Too many people are missing out on the support from SSI due to lack of adequate support and guidance. Southeast Disability Advocates can help you navigate the seemingly complex task of making a case for a successful disability benefits application.