Why You Should Appeal a Social Security Disability Denial

Too many people lose out on Social Security Disability benefits that they rightfully deserve because they choose not to appeal their initial denial. They continue to struggle financially and physically without hope. Please! Don’t be one of those cases.

The majority of Social Security Disability cases appealed end in an award to the disabled person.

Over 50% of the appeals filed following a denial receive an award of benefits. That percentage could be even higher, if more people filed an appeal and took advantage of the support available through experienced disability attorneys like those at Southeast Disability Advocates.

You don’t have to handle the Social Security Disability Appeal process yourself.

If you are concerned about the appeal process or hearing being complicated, don’t be. Don’t let confusion about the process cause you to miss your deadline date for filing an appeal. Southeast Disability Advocates has helped thousands of clients through this process. We’ll handle the filing for you and prepare you for the best possible results from the hearing. Don’t let your appeal date expire! Call us today.

There are no out-of-pocket costs when Southeast Disability Advocates handles your disability appeal.

Any costs for obtaining medical or employment records will be paid by Southeast Disability Advocates if we handle your appeal. We understand that you don’t have funds available for those expenses. The same is true with any expenses involved in hiring credible witnesses to support your case. We will provide full support without charging you anything up front, you will only be responsible for costs if we win your case. Although attorney fees will come after your award of back pay, we will only bill you for costs if we win your case. If you don’t win, you pay nothing and we don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that.

What if my appeal is denied?

Yes, it is possible that your SSD appeal may be denied by the Administrative Law Judge and Appeals Council. If that happens, it may be advisable to take your appeal to the federal level. Southeast Disability Advocates will evaluate your case and if we believe your case has merit and the possibility for winning an award at this level, you can count on us to support you to the very end. Let us help you file a strong social security disability benefits appeal.