Florida Disability Appeal Lawyer

What are the chances of winning an appeal after an SSD or SSI denial?

Don’t let an initial denial of your SSD or SSI application discourage you. A denial of an initial claim application is more common than you might think. In 2014, over 70% of initial applications are denied according to Social Security Administration statistics. However, those statistics show that over 50% of denials which entered appeals were reversed at some point in the process. With such a good chance of an appeal reversing your denial, why wouldn’t you file an appeal?

An initial denial may simply indicate that your case requires further evidence and support than similar claims which have been submitted. That is the very reason the SSD appeal process was set in place. If the appeal process seems daunting to you, it doesn’t need to be. Give us a call. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and get to work on having your case approved.

What’s the deadline for filing an SSD appeal?

An applicant only has 60 days from their denial date to file their official appeal. Procrastination can lead to missing that deadline and forfeiting your opportunity to have the denial reversed. DO NOT DELAY. If you deadline to file an appeal is nearing, we can file the appeal the same day you hire us. Contact our office immediately. We will get your appeal filed right away with no hassle or additional cost to you at all.

How can hiring an SSD attorney from Southeast Disability Advocates help me win my appeal?

It all comes down to experience and preparation. We have handled thousands of appeals for our clients. We know and understand the process. We can answer the many questions you will have about your SSD appeal. At Southeast Disability Advocates, we spend a lot of time educating you and answering your questions. We will teach you about the following:

  • The SSD & SSI Appeal Process
  • Why You Should Appeal a Disability Denial
  • What to Expect in an SSD Appeal Hearing
  • SSD Appeals at the Federal Level

As one of our clients, you will be able to approach the appeal process and appeal hearing well-informed and confident. Dealing with government bureaucracy can be stressful and confusing, when you are handling it on your own. You don’t need more stress in your life. For peace of mind during your appeal, contact us and let us handle it for you.list-blue