Disability Benefits For Neck And Back Injuries

You have worked all your life doing manual labor, using your back, shoulders and arms to lift heavy objects. Now you can no longer do so because of disabling pain.

Unfortunately for people in this situation, getting Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits for a neck or back condition is not easy. These conditions are among the most challenging to prove and win, especially when there is not observable medical problem that is causing the pain.

If you cannot work because of a back or neck injury, don't give up hope. There may still be a way to get the benefits you need and deserve.

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Observable And Non-Observable Back Conditions

Back conditions where there is visible evidence of a malfunction are relatively easy to prove. An image from a CT scan showing a ruptured disk, an MRI, or a surgery that has failed to improve the situation may provide sufficient medical evidence to obtain benefits.

The biggest challenges are in cases where there is no objective evidence of disability beyond the pain a person feels. Yet it may still be possible to obtain approval of a SSDI claim. To win, you must provide evidence from several sources, such as a nerve conduction study, MRI and the patient's own testimony as it appears in medical records.

How We Can Help

An attorney at Southeast Disability Advocates can review your case and provide you with advice concerning your treatment. For example, we can help you communicate with your doctor more effectively, so that this critical information gets entered into your medical record. The more specific you are regarding the type of pain, its location, its intensity, and your abilities, the stronger your case will be.

We can also review your situation for other medical conditions (either related to your back injury or independent of the injury) that can strengthen your case. People who suffer disabling neck and back pain often suffer from depression as a direct result of their pain.

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