Southeast Disability Advocates

At Southeast Disability Advocates, we have been helping people get Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 20 years. Because this is all we do, we understand Social Security Disability from the ground up.

The founder of our firm, attorney Bruce Haught, has worked hard to build an effective organization that gets results for people in need of benefits and medical care. Bruce, Representative Tracy Purvis and our staff are ready to help you. You can hire our firm to file your initial application, appeal a denial or represent you before an Administrative Law Judge at your hearing.

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Why Hire Southeast Disability Advocates?

People seeking help getting Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits have many choices. However, there are many reasons why you should consider working with Southeast Disability Advocates:

Our firm focuses exclusively on disability claims — We know the ins and outs of the process and how to overcome obstacles that stand in the way. We have handled thousands of cases, many from application to hearing.

We can help you at all stages of the process — Unlike most law firms, we will file your application, appeal your denial by filing the Request Reconsideration or Request for Hearing and represent you at your administrative hearing. There are no additional fees to let us file your application, the fees are the same whether we are retained to represent our client at the hearing or if we file the application and process all of the appeals. We have found that we have a higher success rate if our experienced staff file the original application and are able to work with the State Disability Determinations offices to make sure all of the necessary information is included in your application.

Our firm has extensive experience — Over the years, we have handled virtually every type of qualifying medical condition and illness. We know how to succeed for our clients.

Southeast Disability Advocates has its own VIDEO CONFERENCE HEARING SITE — As increasing applications have burdened the Social Security Administration, the agency has sought to find ways to reduce costs, and have stopped the ALJs from traveling to hearing sites near the claimants. The SSA has added remote video hearing rooms to the SSA field offices. Usually there is only one remote video hearing room for all of the ALJs to share, the claimant must wait until their ALJ has a date and time in the video hearing room. We have two secure, encrypted video conference hearing facilities in our Destin office that allows us to schedule your hearing without waiting for a time slot to open at the remote hearing site. This improves the ability to schedule your hearing without excessive wait times and reduces the stress our clients experience, improving the likelihood of a successful hearing.

We have an experienced, professional staff — In addition to attorney Bruce Haught, you will be served by support staff who care about you and your future and will work closely with you at all stages of your claim.

We can meet you at your convenience — Our firm welcomes inquiries from people wanting to obtain Social Security Disability Benefits, Disabled Widows Benefits and Supplemental Security Income Benefits.

Serving Florida, Alabama And Hawaii

To schedule a free consultation regarding your Social Security Disability claim, call Southeast Disability Advocates in Destin, Florida, at 800-789-4345 or contact us online.